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    SCJ boxed machine
        Publish time 2018-06-29 14:34    


    SCJ series robot fully automatic packing machine has wide application range, small area, reliable performance and easy operation. It can be widely used in all kinds of automatic packing in electronic, edible oil, beverage, chemical, medicine, salt, food and other industries. It can be integrated in compact packaging machinery, but it can meet your reach distance. All requirements of the departure and payload; the robot is very suitable for the flexible packaging system, greatly shortening the packaging cycle time; with high precision, plus excellent transmission belt tracking performance, whether it is fixed position operation or movement operation, its precision is first class; small volume and speed. Fast, specially according to the packaging application optimization; equipped with a full set of auxiliary equipment (from the integrated air and signal system to the feeder), can be used package software, mechanical integration is simple, programming is more convenient. 

    Characteristics of robot boxing machine

    (1) add two dimensional translational high speed light robot on the basis of traditional boxing machine.

    (2) robot motion is controlled by servo system, and the trajectory is adjustable.

    (3) the controller adopts independent control platform, which is stable and reliable.

    (4) with standby interlock function, when the material shortage, shortage of carton or lack of backing plate and belt fashion box machine alarm automatically, and enter the standby state.

    (5) it has automatic and manual functions and can be switched.

    (6) the human-machine interface is adopted, the working state is clear at a glance, and a variety of parameter settings can be completed on the interface.


    Equipment performance and characteristics 

    (1) the configuration is high. All electrical components are made of internationally famous brands with very reliable performance.

    (2) human-computer interface, the operation is simple and intuitive. Panasonic PLC controls the whole line automatically, and makes sound and light alarm to the sudden faults during the movement.

    (3) the packaging speed is fast, and it is suitable for mass production and high speed assembly line automatic packaging requirements. It can save a lot of manpower and space.

    (4) the design of the whole machine is compact and reasonable, with beautiful appearance and novelty.

    (5) multiple safety protection devices to maximize the safety of equipment and personnel.



    technical parameter:

    380V 50/60HZ 10KW
    30kg-250kg(Select the suitable type of robot based on customer needs
    Packing speed
    10-40 Box / min
    Packing method
    Single box / multi box
    air source
    Machine size