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    Double honest automatic packaging equipment - the manufacturer of the opening machine
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    The opening machine is an indispensable packing equipment for some production line. It is mainly to open the carton, and then run the carton to the next working procedure - packing. Shenzhen Shuang Cheng has been committed to the production of automatic packaging equipment for many years, in which the opening machine is an automatic packaging equipment we produce. The opening machine is generally chosen according to the packing speed of the box. The speed of opening the box is mainly to see the production line speed of the enterprise. Generally, 10 cases / minutes or medium speed are 13-16 cases / points. If more than 25 cases / points are more than 25 cases, the high speed opening machine is generally called, the opening machine is also called the carton molding machine, the bottom of the box is according to certain certain. The program is folded and sealed with adhesive tape and then transported to the special equipment for packing machine. Automatic carton molding machine and automatic opening machine are the assembly line equipment of large batch carton automatic opening, automatic folding under cover and automatic sealing bottom tape. All the machines use PLC+ touch control display screen. It is easy to operate, simple in maintenance and stable in performance. It is an essential equipment for automation scale production enterprises.

    It is suitable for opening cartons with various sizes. If the carton specifications are changed, manual adjustment can be made, and the operation is simple and convenient.

    Automatic opening, automatic folding lower cover, automatic sealing carton bottom, the machine adopts PLC+ man-machine interface control. It is easy to operate, simple in maintenance and stable in performance. It is an essential assembly line equipment for automatic scale production.

    Do not stop at the bottom, complete the folding bottom and the bottom in the transmission; 3 seconds complete the whole process of suction box, molding, bottom folding and bottom sealing; high speed, stable, convenient and economical.

    Using this opening machine instead of manual, it can reduce at least 2-3 packers, save 5-10% consumables, increase the efficiency of 30%, greatly save cost, improve efficiency, and make packaging standardized.

    Shenzhen double honest open box machine is a kind of sealing equipment which automatically uses tape to seal the bottom and bottom of the carton. At present, it has replaced the manual work and improved the production efficiency. The effect of the carton is smooth and smooth. It is not easy to blister and open, so it is suitable for the production of a large number of sealed boxes. Double Cheng automation equipment is a professional opening machine manufacturer, dedicated to the research and development of the opening machine, we always stand in the forefront of the field of intelligent packaging equipment, in the middle of the equipment, we are open the field of domestic customers recognition. Shenzhen Shuang Cheng has been providing customers with the most advanced packing solution for the opening machine. It is our ultimate goal to improve the production efficiency and reduce the operating cost.

    Through the display of the equipment picture, we should be able to understand the quality advantage of the double honest intelligent automation equipment. Shenzhen Shuang Cheng intelligent packaging equipment Co., Ltd. is dedicated to the research and development of automatic packaging equipment for 15 years. Customers who are interested in our automatic case machine can contact us.